Urinary Tract Infections Are An STD

January 20, 2019
by John Kelly, MD
Urinary Tract Infections Are An STD

Most people don’t realize that a UTI (urinary tract infection) is actually a sexually transmitted disease. It typically occurs in women, where they feel the need to pee constantly. They may experience painful burning when peeing, have lower stomach pains and experience a fever.

And, it’s not uncommon for women to have multiple UTIs in a year.

Women tend to develop a UTI after they have sex, blaming their partners for their health problem. There’s a good reason for that. And, because of it, it can cause women not to want to have sex and men wondering what they’ve done wrong. Thankfully, with some minor adjustments, you can mitigate your chance of developing a UTI.

The majority of UTIs are caused by the intestinal bacteria Escherichia coli. These bugs help with digestion but can attach themselves to a woman’s bladder, leading to a UTI. In digestion, the E. coli bacteria gets into the stool. Even if you wipe carefully, you could still have the bacteria around your anus. If you’re not careful during sex, the bacteria could get into the vagina and up the urethra.

While bladder infections do affect men, it’s the women who are most prone to it. That’s because their anus and vagina are so close together. Moisture also helps bacteria to move from the anal region to the vagina. Women who constantly lubricate themselves are at higher risk of getting a UTI.

What Are Some Of Things You Can Do To Lower Your UTI Risk?

When you need to pee, go pee, as the urination will expel the bacteria out of the body before they have a chance to make it to the bladder. Be sure you regularly go to the bathroom if you are susceptible to UTIs. Make sure you go before sex and right after it.

Wipe your butt from front to back, as wiping back to front will move the bacteria closer to the urethra.

Don’t use external irritants such as scented soap, perfumes and bubble baths. Use cotton underwear, which doesn’t trap moisture as synthetics do. Do not use tight-fitting clothes since the rubbing can lead to bacteria moving to the urethra.

Do not use internal irritants such as alcohol, cigarettes and caffeine, as these can increase the chance for UTIs.

Make sure to change your pads and tampons often, as blood is a breeding ground for the UTI bacteria.

Drink cranberry or consume dried cranberries, as it contains a bacteria-fighting chemical known as hippuric acid.

Men Can Help Lower UTI Chances Too

  • Be gentle when having sex
  • Be hygienic when you want to have anal sex
  • Participate more in less intercourse sex
  • Use condoms without spermicides

What’s The Treatment For UTIs?

The moment you feel a UTI coming on, it’s important to drink copious amounts of water or cranberry juice. The idea is to consume at least 10 glasses a day, which can help flush the bacteria out of the bladder before they can cause an infection.

Make sure to eat more dried cranberries or the extract.

Visit your doctor to get tested for a UTI and get antibiotics. Make sure you take the entire medication even if you start to feel better.

Make sure talk to your partner about UTIs caused by sex. This will help you to both find ways to prevent them and improve your relationship and level of intimacy.


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