1. 1. I am over the age of 18 and I am the person being tested.
  2. 2. I understand that I am not being tested for every possible sexually transmitted disease (STD).
  3. 3. I understand that the state in which I am being tested may require by law that the lab performing the test and/or the ordering physician report certain positive results to my state’s Department of Public Health and hivrna.com and ordering physicians will comply with all existing reporting laws.
  4. 4. I understand that this testing is for screening purposes and there is no agreement by hivrna.com or the ordering physician to provide medical treatment and/or follow up.
  5. 5. I understand that all services and materials provided by hivrna.com are for informational use only and they are not a substitute to the diagnosis and treatment by a qualified physician for diseases possibly detected through these screening tests.
  6. 6. I understand that hivrna.com and/or the ordering physician can deny my request for testing and if denied, I will be refunded the collected fees in full.
  7. 7. I release and will not hold hivrna.com and/or the ordering physician responsible for any injury or personal damage that occurs while I am at the testing center’s premises.
  8. 8. I understand that no testing is 100% accurate there is the possibility of false positive and false negative results.
  9. 9. I understand that tests may be lost or unable to be processed and could require retesting.
  10. 10. I understand that in some situations with positive screening tests that confirmational testing may be required which can generate additional testing and expense.