Do I Have HIV/AIDS? Anonymous HIV Symptom Checker (Quiz)

Find out whether or not you have HIV and get personalized recommendations including suggestions on which STD test you'd likely need to perform.

Note: There is no way to make an accurate medical diagnosis from a set of quiz results. This is why it is important to get tested promptly. Use this coupon code to save $10 on HIV or any other STD test (opens in new window).

Have you done unprotected sex recently?*
Are you getting fever up to about 102 degrees F or fatigue, and a sore throat?*
Are you feeling tired and lethargic?
Are you getting achy muscles, joint pain, swollen lymph nodes?*
Are you getting sore throat and headaches?*
Are you getting skin rash or the rashes aren’t going after treatment?*
Are you often complain of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea?*
Are you losing or gaining weight?*
Have you used benadryl, antibiotics, and inhalers but didn’t treated your dry cough?*
You have experienced a hard time breathing?*
Are you getting night sweats?*
Are you getting nail changes, such as clubbing (thickening and curving of the nails), splitting of the nails, or discoloration (black or brown lines going either vertically or horizontally)?*
Have you got yeast infections?*
Do you get confusion or facing difficulty concentrating?*
Do you feel weakness in hands?*
Do you have herpes on your lips?*
Do you believe you have done something wrong which causes HIV/AIDS?*
When was the most recent HIV test you had?*